Our team understands the concern and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), and our hearts go out to all who have been impacted by the virus.  While the situation hasn’t been easy, we remain committed to our customers. We are committed to being responsive to our consumers while keeping the health and well-being of our representatives and community as a priority. As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, please be patient with us as we strive to ensure our continued service and dedication to our customers.

Please know that all customers participating in our Book & Ride Program will be granted special allowances regarding extensions of the 45-day period for their first six shows and their end date of the program.  Please email the Book & Ride program or contact us through the website if this should interest you.  Please note we will honor any appointments currently booked.  Any future shows will be considered on a standby basis until further notice.  We ask for your help in being compliant with the CDC protocol of keeping groups less than 10 people. Please do not schedule appointments with anyone exhibiting any symptoms of the virus.  We will not send anyone exhibiting symptoms.  We will be taking extra precautions and our dealers have been studying the CDC protocols on safe handling and distancing.  We will start all shows with deep cleaning the air for 10 minutes. We will offer a 2 oz bottle of our Clean Air Solution to each customer to continue cleaning the air once we have departed.

Due to the nature of our product, we are finding there is a great interest because of the Air Cleaning quality, therefore we are continuing to make it available.  However, we do realize there are some that would feel uncomfortable letting us into their homes. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the situation and post updates regularly.  Please continue to schedule all appointments through the website; including reschedules and/or cancellations.  Please be aware you are not expected to schedule your shows around any one dealer’s schedule.  We have multiple dealers available and willing to run the shows. It would benefit you greatly to see variations of the demonstration.   

We appreciate your participation in our program and wish you continued success.  Rest assured we will be doing everything possible to assist you during this time.  We will be monitoring the Covid-19 situation continuously and will continue to update as upcoming events unfold.


T&T Enterprises

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